Ways of Knowing™ Symposium: Exploring the Role of Intuition in Health & Healing


Ways of Knowing 2008Welcome and Goals
Mary Jo Kreitzer, University of Minnesota
Center for Spirituality & Healing
Sharon Franquemont, Life Science of Foundation

Opening Ceremony
Dorene Day, Ojibway-Netlake Nation, The Water Song

Ethnomedicine Systems
Stanley Krippner, Ph. D., Saybrook Research and Graduate School

Cultural and Healing: An Integral Approach
Marilyn Schlitz, Ph. D., The Institute of Noetic Sciences

Kahuna Healing Traditions of Hawai’i
Dane Silva, Kumu Lomi, Hawaiian Healing Center

Panel: Integrating Culturally Based Healing Traditions and Practices with Conventional Care
Moderators: Dr. Stanley Krippner and Dr. Marilyn Schlitz; Members: Paul Schultz, Ojibeway,
White Earth; Carson Gardner, M.D., White Earth PHC; Sharon Day, Executive Director,
Indigenous PeoplesTasking Force; Sandra Dliason, Center for Cross-Cultural Health

African Medicine: A Science Out of the Shadows
Charles Finch, M.D.

Hearts Healing Hearts: Curanderismo in the 21st Century
Elena Avila

Traditional Stories: Healing for All People
Paul Schultz, Ojibeway, Traditional Healer, White Earth Reservation

Stanley Krippner, Ways of Knowing Award Winner: An Interview

Panel: Facing Health Care Challenges: Lived Integrative Care
Stories Moderator: Dr. Marilyn Schlitz Members: Atum Ahazzir, Cultural Wellness Center;
Lorrie Eaton, D.C,. Camp Camelot; Selma Sroka, M.D.; Rev. Betsy Stang, Wittenberg Center;
Eric Utne, Utne Institute

Journeying the Path Together: Healing the Future
Alex Stark

Ways of Knowing from the Bounding Center
Amshatar Monroe, Women of Spirit Online

Closing Ceremony
Mitch Walking Elk and Louis Alemayehu

  • Ways of Knowing™: Cultural-Based Healing Traditions and Practices