Ways of Knowing™ Symposium: Exploring Cultural Based Healing Traditions & Practice

Ways of Knowing from the Bounding Center

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Amshatar Monroe, Women of Spirit Online

#Opening song:

One person is not good…
Please Creator, let me not be one person.

Amshatar, an advocate for indigenous culture and Earth-based spirituality, served to highlight the wisdom shared during the conference and to weave together the threads of discovery that have arisen during this time together. She gave words and song to the shared experience, recognizing and characterizing the “bounding center.”

We are all from indigenous roots,
we are all of one creator.
We have to always call on that which
is greater than
you to assist you.

In summary and highlight:

  • Dr. Krippner—Description of the family ward in Bali, and how healing is held there. In S. Africa, throwing of the bones for insights from Spirit .
  • Dr. Schlitz—The integral approach depends upon interconnectedness. She gave the example of the surgeon’s “60-second pause.” We need to become like a child/fool. Samadhi is the conveyor. Johrei does the connecting.
  • Dane Silva—The front brain focuses the healing energy. If there is no energy, there is no Spirit, and no healing. Mana is the spiritual presence.
  • PANEL Integrating Culturally-based Healing Traditions—allowing is the key. There are many “bounding center” tools, like the sweat lodge, the sacred circle, ritual, etc.
  • Dr. Finch—Spirit is the bottom line of all psychospiritual disorder. In Africa, ancient Kemit is the bounding center of modern medicine, the common ground where modern and traditional medicine come together.
  • Elena Avila—The fifth direction is the mother/father God. Eye contact and heart to heart talk is needed for healing. Soul is ALL of who you are. The tools of nature are used to heal our souls.
  • Paul Schultz—Stories touch our souls. The healer is the hollow bone, that allows the passage of Spirit for healing.

#Amshatar shared the process, through action, for opening the four corners: each of four individuals made offerings to each of the directions. The four individuals danced to draw the energies into circle. Objects were made sacred by offering them to the 4-corners; next to the center, circling first clockwise, then counterclockwise; then returning to the center. Participants were invited to focus on what they’d like to make sacred in their own work. We joined our voices in a song of love, joy, peace, power, and love.


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  • Ways of Knowing™: Cultural-Based Healing Traditions and Practices