Ways of Knowing™ Symposium: Exploring Cultural Based Healing Traditions & Practice

Participant Comments
Following Symposium

#What Participants Enjoyed

Cultural Diversity

  • Diversity of presentations & materials presented
  • The opportunity to experience acts of worship from a variety of cultures, something I’ll never forget
  • Hearing from leaders in this field, all pioneers
  • Speakers/presenters were very well chosen, fabulous opportunity
  • Respectful inclusion of cultural communities
  • Privilege of sharing with people from other cultures
  • Loved diversity of presenters and centering people
  • Cross-cultural healers’ work and spirit
  • Choice of presenters and theme of diversity of cultures
  • I am very touched and amazed, it was a deep insight into worlds unknown to me…they connected, touched, and are so real

#Organization & Atmosphere

  • Spiritual focus
  • Spirit based, spirit led, spirit blessed
  • Hotiou (Thank you) for putting spirit first, very well done
  • Openness of expression
  • Openness of presenters and participants
  • Openness to each other, and to Spirit
  • Being & meeting so many open-hearted people
    Thank you for the eloquence of the prayer and the beauty of the songs
  • Well-oiled and well-run conference
  • The planning and organization behind the scenes that support the flow was ‘holy’
  • Same circle throughout was very special connection-building


  • Magnificent individual teachers/presenters
  • Heart-filled presentations
  • Great presenters
  • Fantastic speakers!  All were knowledgeable, bridging world, able to communicate with great depth to others from different traditions
  • Outstanding speakers
  • Wisdom & diversity of presenters and participants
  • Marilyn Schlitz
  • Wonderful people speaking!

#Rituals & Ceremonies

  • Ritual and experiential opportunities
  • Incredible ceremonies
  • Truly amazing rituals & opportunities to learn and honor a variety of traditions
  • No ‘woo-woo’ talk, greatly appreciated depth of rituals, ceremonies, spirituality and amount of walked talked, true professionals, not New-agey. Thank you!
  • Hoorah for meaningful, beautiful rituals
  • Ceremony, indigenous cultural language
  • Ceremony—actually doing it
  • Cultural healing practices & shared experiences
  • An historic event, profound healing, ancestral healing


  • All
  • Wow!
  • Beautiful…good energy
  • So much great information, great people, so healing, overwhelming, incredible
  • Loved longer conference
  • Experiential is brilliant. More! More!

What Participants Would Like Added or Changed

Organization Suggestions

  • Cluster conversation suggestions
    – Have cluster times with speakers for informal Q & A
    – Longer cluster conversations
    – More cluster conversations
    – Cluster conversations and self-care, not one or the other
    – Cluster time with speakers for informal Q & A
  • Try and have full circle sharing
  • More structured activities to get to know other participants
  • More ‘play time’ for group
  • More participants presenting together, more circles & less individual talks
  • More time for dialogue & processing timeTime to process and reflect increased and structured
  • Still more circle or group time
  • Increase time for dialogue among participants
  • More time to processing, digesting…missing this doesn’t promote healthy balance
  • More time to reflect and digest between profound experiential sessions
  • Still more time for integration and open time
    – Perfer circle sharing over Q & A
    – More Table Rotation of People
  • Shifting tables more often, meet more people
  • Mix up tables more, don’t stay with same table, meet more people
  • Change up table number arrangements
  • Switch tables each day to be with new group of people
  • Need to rotate people, not just tables
  • Change tables in middle of Symposium
  • Ways of Knowing™: Cultural-Based Healing Traditions and Practices