Alison Coffy and Marilyn Schlitz Cass McLaughlin, Mari Harris
Alison Coffy, Marilyn Schlitz  Cass McLaughlin, Mari Harris

Center for Spirituality and Healing

Thank you and congratulations to the CSH Staff for their creativity, hard work, and seamless facilitation of the Symposium.


Linda Chmeilewski, Office
Jeff Westall, Tech and Office
Alison Coffey, Communication
Karen Lawson, Proceedings Contribution

Catherine McLaughlin,
Coordinator and Laison
Beth Somerville, Lead Volunteer
Pamela Cherry, Oakridge Laison

Student and Other Volunteers

Julia Irish, student volunteer reporting to group

Liz Miller
Rabiah al Nur
Kristin Schwartz

Megan Doherty
Julia Irish
Justin Laube

Mari Harris for her piano and singing



Tim Day, Jeanne Larson, and Mary Becker volunteered to create our many table centerpieces and asked that we “thank the trees, moss, flowers, and rocks for all their beauty.”


Table Facilitators

Pat Hart
Craig Hassel
Kate Hathaway
Dorothea Hrossowyc
Karen Lawson
Val Lincoln
Nicole Scales Lindberg
Bill Manahan
Marie Manthey
Susan Moch
Donna Morris
Deb Olson
Teddie Potter
Deborah Ringdahl
Sue Towey

Rainer Ammende, 
John Lancaster
Susan Smith
Marilyn Bach
Jodi Baglien
Charles Bransford
Jane Cornman
Diane Dahl
Tim Day
Louise Delegran
Laurie Drill-Mellum
Lorrie Eaton
Leni Erickson
Jayne Felgen
Linda Halcon
Anne Hannahan

With Great Gratitude to our Videographer & Photographer:

Al Wivel  Bill Sanda

Al Wivel                                                        Bill Sanda

To View All Photos

The Ways of Knowing photographer, Bill Sanda, has posted all the photos of the Symposium online at:


The Life Science Foundation and the University of Minnesota Center for Spirituality & Healing wish to acknowledge the unique partnership between our organizations and the co-creative development of the Ways of Knowing Symposiums.

The planning team, with feedback from the symposium community, designed a program using best practices in the art and science of facilitation. Facilitation processes included World Cafe, ICA Technology of Participation Facilitation Methods, Graphic Facilitation, intuition, the healing arts, and wholes systems principles.

The symposium speakers, participants, LSF board members, and CSH staff were fully engaged in the evolution of the 2008 three-day Symposium.  The format included listening to speakers; reflecting in dyads, individually, or small groups; unstructured time opportunities, and whole community plenary celebrations and gatherings.  In honoring each other’s culture and perspectives, we collectively lived the change we all hope to see in the world.

Participants report how their WOK experiences continue to ripple deeply within themselves, those close to them, and in their communities of service. Therefore, congratulations is due to everyone involved including the staff at Oakridge Hotel and Conference Destination, and other vendors who served the 2008 Ways of Knowing Symposium.

It is our intention that visitors to the Ways of Knowing: Exploring Cultural Healing Traditions and Practices receive its many benefits.

We express our gratitude to all, visitors and participants alike.


Charlson Meadows

University of Minnesota

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