Ways of Knowing™ Symposium: Exploring Cultural Based Healing Traditions & Practices

Our 2008 Ways of Knowing Story

As a final activity, all the members of the WOK community left their table circles to view Cheryl Kartes’ graphic representations of our 3 day journey together. Members walked in silence for twenty minutes going from graph to graph looking for answers to these questions:

  1. What are the commonalities or differences among the healing traditions and practices?
  2. What will you take back with you to your practice, colleagues, friends, and family?
  3. What touches you?

At the end of the twenty minutes, people discussed what they had discovered at their tables and collectively prepared a brief report that they then shared with the community. The 29 circle tables chose to create symbolic drawings for their report or simply used words to convey their discoveries to the entire community.

The answers shared most frequently are:

309 Connection. Yes to life.
We come in unity. Finding the
manifestation of
wholistic practioners/family/
314 Flow like a hollow
bone, a prescription
that never expires
or runs out.

Can help each other
connect with the gift
and the loneliness.

Pain is common.
It teaches and opens us to possibilities and need.
315 Community is
necessary for healing.

Stories are powerful.
Healthcare professionals
want to hear them.

Love heals. Healing and curing
are not the same.
300 Open heartedness of everyone. Spirit is our deepest
connection to each
other and to healing.

Key is “heart” words…recognition,
permission, community, divine feminine

Authentic walkers.
We can choose the
highest level of vibration
available to us.
Everything is sacred. 301

as a microcosm of the Earth.

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