Ways of Knowing™ Symposium: Exploring the Role of Intuition in Health & Healing

Cultivating Intuition

Sharon Franquemont

Sharon Franquemont

Sharon Franquemont

Sharon pointed out three philosophical understandings for cultivating intuition.

  • Intuition is not something outside of ourselves, but something that dwells inside ourselves as an expanded state of awareness.
  • As a state of being in which we dwell, intuitive information is part of a matrix, web, or field in which we are embedded.
  • Intuition is an outcome of something rather than the thing itself.

Intuition development signals the presence of an inner communion that transcends the physical, emotional, or intellectual boundaries of time-space as they are traditionally understood. Therefore, it is important to prepare for experiences of non-ordinary communication. These communications often arrive in very ordinary ways, for example in dreams, day visions, 6th sense concepts, inner visual, auditory, or sensory imagery, etc. The methods of arrival may be ordinary, however, the inherent power of intuitive information is transformative.

“Intuition is to healthcare what time and space are to a physicist.”

– Dane Silva

The Circle and Dot Exercise prepares you to know beyond knowing and to integrate that knowing in daily life. It is all the inner technology you need. Essentially, the Dot symbolizes the essence of you as you relate to our shared understanding of physical reality. The Circle’s boundaries symbolize the transcendent world at whatever comfort level is applicable to the individual. To activate the exercise, people close their eyes (the eyes can be left open, if it isn’t a distraction) and breath in deeply. In Step # 1 people inhale deeply until they experience their existence as a concentrated Dot. Step # 2 is to hold that position and the breath as long as a relaxed comfort exists. On the exhale, Step # 3, people allow their identify to expand out to the boundaries of the Circle at whatever level is comfortable—the edge of the skin, the aura, the room, the planet, the solar system, the spiritual world, etc. Step # 4 is to hold the expanded state and the breath as long as a relaxed state of comfort exists. Then the cycle of inhale, hold, exhale, hold can begin again.

This exercise is used to 

  • open to intuition,
  • be comfortable with expanded states and the information that accompanies them, and
  • integrate the intuitive knowledge that is gained. It is not necessary to ‘look’ for intuitive answers with this exercise.

Using your imagination, before doing the exercise simply place questions, intentions, and curiosities within the evolving circle and then forget them. Let intuition take care of the process. Seeking immediate answers after the exercise and/or attempting to apply them at one’s present level of understanding can limit the scope of intuition’s response. Relax and trust.

Done consistently, the Circle and the Dot exercise guides unfolding intuitive knowledge and wisdom. Be aware of three guideposts in intuitive development. A. It is common (in those with a Western education) to confront a split between mind and body. Work to experience intuition as part of your body’s innate capacity, not separate from it. B. Intuition is not a magic panacea, but requires work, intention, attention, and patience in its evolution. Curiosity and learning are the best stances to hold. C. Intuition’s gifts reorient our lives so that our individual and collective hearts expand to include all life.

The Clear Bead by Rumi

The Clear Bead in the Center changes everything.

There are no edges to my loving now.

You’ve heard it said that there’s a window that opens from one mind to the next.

But, if there is not wall, there is no need for fitting the window or the latch.

Intuition in healthcare promises to renew the divine science of healing and curing, so that it includes every aspect of knowing. Essentially, the Ways of Knowing community is gathered to consecrate and mutually anointing the wise inheritance of our individually and collective souls. We do this on behalf of those we serve, for ourselves, and with dedication to our evolving planetary family.

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