Ways of Knowing™ Symposium: Exploring the Role of Intuition in Health & Healing

Opening Ceremony

Dorene DayDorene Day, Ojibway-Netlake, Three Fires Society, Keeper of the Healing the Water Songs, offers a blessing for our gathering.  Following a First Nation’s tradition of welcoming guests to their land, Dorene sings a water song dedicated to thanking the water for all that it does for us, asking spirit to guide the Symposium, and praying for the well being of all life for generations to come.

Dorene is a high school teacher, and a singer, Keeper of the healing the waters songs in her Ojibway tribe.  She uses storytelling, intuition, relaxation, and guided visualization in her classroom.  She is able to help her students look backwards at their ancestry and to express these connections through artwork.  In her work with Youth and Family Services, she has been able to bring in intuition and traditional ceremonies.  She has seen great healing through these processes.

For Dorene’s Presentation: Using Intuition: The Perspective of Healers.

  • Ways of Knowing™: Exploring the Role of Intuition in Health & Healing Symposium