Ways of Knowing™ Symposium: Exploring the Role of Intuition in Health & Healing

Participant Quotes

The following quotes were taken from participants’ Survey responses and were placed in groups of three on each of the World Café tables.

 Intuition is to a healthcare what time and space are to physicists. 

Dane Silva

Intuition’s use in…the nursing process needs to be fostered in order to capture the many ways of knowing that can contribute to patient care.
Anita Smith

Reflecting on my practice as an educator, [I believe] that intuition is an innate human way of knowing.
Lisa Ruth-Sahd

I am impressed with the value of intuition in Tibetan healing practices.
Diane Dahl

Intuition is at the heart of creative writing.
Erik Storlie

Aristotle taught that there are two kinds of intellectual reasoning…The first is contemplative reasoning (meditation) through which we can develop an “intuitive grasp of first principles.”
Miriam Cameron

I became passionate about intuition, other awareness, or whatever name you want to give it, which I first felt energy in my hands and saw an aura.
Lorrie Eaton

I now consider intuition a gift of knowledge…[before] I didn’t trust my self-knowledge enough and seemed to make poor choices when I gave my “power” of intuition away.
Jean Larson

As a health care practitioner and teacher, experience has shown me how important it is to balance good technique and knowledge with deep listening, trusting the unknown, and communicating from a felt sense or direct experience.
Nirinjin Yee

Intuition is another name for what I consider body awareness.
Barbara Nordstrom-Loeb

Intuition in the clinical practice of psychotherapy is an incredible asset. I am more and more interested in the role it plays in connecting with patients, but also in helping them find more effective ways to learn and change.
Kate Hathaway

It seems intuition is a sixth sense….It’s a matter of developing that sense, paying attention to it, trusting it, and learning how to interpret it. 
Donna Morris

I believe this [intuition] is an under-explored means for practitioners to gain understanding of their patients’ health.
Richard Hammerschlag

I believe that…intuition tells us when patients will do well or not during their stay with us in a Healthcare facility—or that which goes beyond acceptance of the nearness of death.
John Lancaster

For my entire professional life, I have been fascinated with how knowledge presents through the body.
Gloria Hessellund

I am interested in “intuition” because in our educational setting we work with a concept called “learning field.” It is based on the work of Michael Polanyi. 
Rainer Ammende

All my important and significant life changes have been made as a result of intuitive knowing.
Catherine Fay

My intuition guides me on a daily basis. It is not something I do or use, it is just a way of walking through my daily life.
Pat Vitale

I [believe] that there is a realm of knowing that is neither rational nor emotional, a way of knowing that is a powerful connection to something greater than the generally accepted reality. 
Susan Fleishman

[I have] practical knowledge from 25 years of experience as a practicing physician that the realm of intuition is real.
Paul Erickson

In nursing so much of care is putting together facts and pieces of information and then acting on feelings and hunches.
Marilyn Bach

[In addition to use of intuition with clients in the role of psychotherapist], intuitive processes have also played a role in my experiences as a stage actor and a musician.
Tim Day

Other ways of knowing is a critical piece of awareness for not only medical students in training, but for my health coaching students.
Karen Lawson

[Practicing Integrative/Interactive Imagery], I have witnessed countless creative and unique ways people connect with their own wisdom and utilize its power to assist them regain health, promote healing, and solve problems.
Susan Ezra

[Intuition] informs my science and art. Teach students how to recognize the voice of intuition and utilize in care giving, specifically to apply intuition to existential advocacy approach to care.
Martha Libster

The most dramatic [experience] is in counseling people in recovery…hearing myself say exactly the right thing without having the ideas behind the words pass through my mind.
Marie Manthey

I have long held the belief that patients and their families have tremendous insight into their own disease processes, particularly in the case of chronic diseases.
Kelly Victory

[My use of intuition] has taught me to trust this experience, yet I am at times hesitant to discuss it for fear of being “thought less of” I think health care is breaking through barriers on the topic.
Jane Anderson

[Sometimes I know what I am going to do even before I have decided and know what is going to happen as a result of that decision. [It seems like I am ]just waiting for my conscious self to catch up with my unconscious self.
Linda Olson Keller

I am certain that much of the movement of humankind over the centuries has been in response to intuition.
Claire Stuckey

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